Classical Music & Theatre Activities

Linda Cantoni

Regina Opera Company - member of the Board of Directors, Executive VP, Secretary, and Legal Advisor;
Associate Stage Director; supertitles translation (Italian, French, and German); website management; program creation.

Linda studies piano with Bob Logan at the Berkshire Music School.

Shakespeare & Co. acting workshop participation:
The Personal Connection to Shakespeare’s Text with Kevin G. Coleman, 2020
Women of Will with Tina Packer, 2019
Dropping In with Tina Packer, 2018
Weekend Intensive Actor Training with Dennis Krausnick, 2008 and 2016

Librivox - volunteer public domain audiobook reader

Linda’s 2020 Music & Theatre Resume

Linda thanks her husband, Maestro José Alejandro Guzmán (a.k.a. Alex),
longtime conductor for the Regina Opera Company,
for his inspiration, encouragement, and love.

Alex Guzman

Alex conducting the Staten Island Philharmonic
in a 2010 performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.